Presentation Info

Please join us and sharing your recently work via fallowing events.

Please check the events you want to participate in the registration form.

1. Workshop- Tips for submit paper.

The invited speaker will give us a small talk about general rules for submit a paper. Then, 4-5 peoples will be invited to talk their experiences of submit a paper including how to answer the questions from reviewers (~5min).

2. Oral presentation

All 5th and 6th (semester 104-1) phD students should give this talk (15 min + 5 min Q&A). Other students could also register this event. The retreat committee will select 12 people for this event.

3. Poster session

This is a competition poster session. All 3rd and 4th students (semester 104-1) should attend this event (except the one who already has an oral presentation). The poster winner will be announced at dinner. The poster winners will give a 5 min small talk the second day. Only 30 people could attend this event, the priority will be given by the order of abstract submission.

4. Poster session- teacher

Teachers could also attend the poster event. The topic could be your recently work or the lab promotion. Teachers will not attend the poster competition.

5. 3 min PI’s Lab promotion

An opportunity for PI to find students and for Students to find advisers. This event could also help people to know your Lab and searching for collaborating. The promotion could be anything you like. You could introduce your recently work. Or what labs you want to collaborate? Due to the time limit, only 16 labs could attend this event.


If you want to attend the above events, please notice the following deadlines.

Deadline for Early Bird registration is 15th, April.

Deadline to register is 15th, May.

Deadline to submit abstract is (Oral presentation, poster) 15th, May.

Selected “experience sharing during workshop" will be announced before 1st, July.

Selected oral presentation (12 people) and poster (30 people) will be announced  before 1st, July.

Deadline for PPT upload of 3 min promotion is 21st, August.

Deadline for PPT upload of oral presentation is 1st, September.

Abstracts (rules)

1. The title should be capitalized, plain text.

3. The body (content) should be less than 300 word, plain text.

4. The body (content) should not have any citations and pictures.

Poster Guideline

1. The size of the poster should be 85 cm wide x 115 cm high.

2. The words should be bigger enough to read comfortably.

3. Use short title for your poster, the pictures in your poster should have legends.

4. The poster should be posted before the poster session begin.

5. You could also bring copies of your abstract or small version of your poster there.

These copies could give the viewers a way to contact with you.